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Notes for Wi-Fi configuration of IP camera.

1. Please confirm your Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz before configuration.
2. Make sure no unsupported characters" \ ` $( $[ ${ included in Wi-Fi password and SSID.
3. The Wi-Fi Encryption must be WPA/WPA2.
4. Please let the camera near to the router & your phone and stable network needed.
5. The indoor camera will play "Ding-Dong" sound when configuring Wi-Fi, please turn up the phone volume for better configuration. If you need configure an outdoor IP camera, please power the camera and press the reset button about 10 seconds to restore factory settings before configuration.
6. DHCP is enabled in Router.
7. Unplug and plug the camera and try again.
If you still can’t configure Wi-Fi through above operation, please view to configure Wi-Fi in AP mode.